Our Services

We deliver excellence. Our vision as a company is to provide immaculate services to our clients meeting their business requirements and need in accordance with the changing trends of the market.

Software Testing & Consulting

The world is moving at a rapid pace with IT landscape changing everyday, integration of current system’s applications along with technologies such as cloud, mobility and analytics is the need of the hour. The effectiveness and efficiency of a system is determined by precise and concise testing phases implemented on it. Our experience software testing and consultaion team provide a large range oftesting services encapsulating Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile Testing, Security Testing, Performance & Load Testing, Test Data Management, Agile Transformation CI/CD and QA Consulting. With our quality service we assure flawless user experience, assuring quality of your system is our highest prominence.

Software Development

Development of systems that meet the changing requirements of your business is a key to thrive in today’s market. Our Development team believes in working closely with your organisation and its stakeholder’s to systematically plan and implement its business needs & requirements providing services such as Mobile & Web Development. We also envision and analyse market trends to offer flesxible and compatible solutions to your current business  helping you build a competitive efficient system according to the current market demands.

The Services You Need We Offer!


Manual Testing

Manual Testing is the process of manually reviewing and testing your systems for errors, defects and vulnerabilities. The base of Automation Testing is laid down through Manual testing and we provide detail accentuation on it.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing has been the testing of new age replacing the laborious tasks of testing systems manually. Tech Synchro provides you with a complete framework and automation suite making testing efficient for your business.

Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing is no more a demand but a need of this digital era. We test on real devices on different OS and also on browser stack to achieve the right results and emphasise on quality of testing.


Security Testing

To prevent your organization from possible breaches and reinforce existing security controls against a skilled attacker prominence should be given towards security which Tech Synchro specialises in.

Performance & Load Testing

Performance & Load testing services helps you monitor performance outages, unacceptable response time and system malfunctioning. We help you avoid any bottlenecks in your application and ensure its reliable work.

Test Data Management

Managing and maintenance of Test data is another key component which is often underrated. We believe in safe and secure management of your Test Data thus helping you in future development work of your organisation.

Agile Transformation CI/CD

Exploring Lean and Agile, scaling Agile delivery, or seeking Agile Transformation CI/CD, we help your organisation understand what it needs to grow and scale an Agile transformation and deliver cost effective and efficient solutions.

QA Consulting

We posses the skills and knowledge to help companies detect QA problems, set up project processes to assure quality is intact at each SDLC stage. We also review existing QA processes and optimize them.

Web Application Development

We aim at effective and efficient development of functional and non-functional aspect of your web solution to make your website or web application convenient & secure regardless of O.S., platforms and browsers…

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are not only an extension but a part of your organisation creating an impression of your business on your customers. We help you create a mobile application that serves your business and customer needs.