About Us

We deliver excellence. We belive in protecting your reputation!

Tech Synchro is an emerging IT service provider specializing in application testing, software development, consulting and Agile methodologies, possessing strong experience we provide unique end-to-end quality services, specializing in quality engineering and agile methodologies.

With right mix of passionate and competitive professionals we stand in to deliver and protect customer’s reputation guarding the quality of their applications. We excel in providing solutions to the clients through dedicated and knowledgeable professionals with proven industry experience.

We help organizations to build a continuous quality environment to create, maintain and improve all aspects of products, systems and processes, As a customer-centric agile company we always adapt our software testing , application lifecycle management to meet the needs of our customers to be efficient and reliable, We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients through quality service and concrete results, so that our clients can achieve greater excellence.